MTG China Open announcement and MTG China Open Series Official FAQ

MTG China Open announcement and MTG China Open Series Official FAQ

Magic The Gathering (MTG) China Open Series is an official series tournaments authorized by the Wizards of the Coast, hold by KadouEvents. KadouEvents is organizing these series events in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao SAR. Goal of these series is promoting MTG culture, improving competitive level, and giving qualification of world level major tournaments.

The China Open is held seasonally. Each tournament series will last 3 months, and there will be 3 series each year. The China Open has two parts: Regional Qualifier and Regional Championship. The Regional Qualifier is an open tournament for all players 18-year-old or above. The Regional Championship is an invitational tournament. Winners of the Regional Qualifier will be invited to Regional Championship. The winners of Regional Championship will be qualified for world level major tournaments.
Event NameMTG China Open Series/ 万智牌中国公开赛
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Meanwhile, Magic: The Gathering's advanced tournament system is back! New Magic: The Gathering tournament system have four levels: World Championship, Pro Tour (PT), Regional Championship and Regional Championship Qualifier.
World Championship: estimated 128 players participation; 1000k dollars total prize pool
Pro Tour : estimated 300 players participation; 500k dollars total prize pool
Regional Championship: A.K.A. China Open Final, estimated 150 players, participation; 20k dollars total prize pool
Regional Championship Qualifier: Open events for all players
Note: the above is for this season

MTG China Open Series Season 1

MTG China Open Series season 1 Qualifier will happen through 2022.7.2 to 2022.9.25. As first season of MTG China Open, under Corona-virus pandemic situation, we will cooperate with all WPN stores qualified for events to hold these series tournament. So that players have chance to play Qualifier events in their own cities. 
If your city has lots of players but don’t have WPN store, feel free contact us and apply a Qualifier. If your community meet our requirement s, we will hold a Qualifier in your city. Let as much player can participate in this event. 
Promo cards will be given for each level finish in all events during this season: participation promo, top 8 promo, and champion promo. Promo card type will depend by tournament level. 
MTG China Open Series season 1 Info.
Event nameMTG China Open Series Season 1
Season 1 Qualifier period2022.7.2-2022.9.25
Season 1 Qualifier final2022.11.18-2022.12.19date and location is TBD
Regional Qualifier announcementno later than 2022.6.19
Regional Championship announcementno later than 2022.8.26
Regional Championship will hold in: 2022.11.18-2022.12.19
Season 1 First Qualifier2022.7.2 Beijing Kadou (xindan store)
Regional Qualifier format: Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Limited
Regional Championship format: Pioneer
Season 1 Regional Championship Prize
1st 5k dollars +World Championship qualification + Pro Tour qualification + TOP 8 foil promo
2nd 2.5k dollars +Pro Tour qualification + TOP 8 foil promo
3rd -4th 1.25k dollars +Pro Tour qualification + TOP 8 foil promo
5th -8th 1k dollars + TOP 8 foil promo
9th -16th 350 dollars + promo card
17th -32th 200 dollars + promo card
33th-nthpromo card
Total Prize pool: 20k dollars
Event process
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Due to uncertainties of the Coronavirus, all updates will be posted on KadouEvents Official Wechat subscribtion. 
MTG China Open Series Official FAQ
The purpose of this article is to answer players' questions about magic: the Gathering China Open series. It does not involve specific Events. If you have specific events questions, please contact the certain event organizers.
If you have any other questions, feel free email us.(suppor
QIs MTG China Open an Wizards official event?
A:MTG China Open Series (include the Regional Qualifier and the Regional Championship ) is the official series authorized by the Wizards of the Coast.

QIs there any limitation for MTG China Open?

A:All the player with valid Wizards Account, and 18-year-old or over is allowed to play series events. And registered name should be real name on government issued photoed ID。
Q: How many parts does MTG China Open have?
A: The China Open is held seasonally. Each tournament series will last 3 months, and there will be 3 series each year. The two parts of China Open are: Regional Qualifier and Regional Championship . 

QWho will host these events?

A:Cooperation WPN stores will host part of Qualifiers. KadouEvents will host Regional Championships, LCQ, and open tour.
Q:Is there register fee for MTG China open?
A:Yes。They all need and it will be different and it will be depend on it’s  organizers

QWhat competition level it will be?Do we need to register the Deck?

A:It will be Competitive level and Yes.
QWill there any bye chance in any Events?How do I get it?
A:There will not be any bye, every one need to start at first round.

QHow and where can I get the information of this Events?

A:You can get the information through the Public Wechat「卡豆赛事」or Kadouevents website. You can also check other website cooperate with us

QI am a WPN store, how do I get the qualification for host the WPN Qualifier?

A:We have relatively clear selection criteria for the selection of cooperate stores, and will release relevant information in detail later. Magic: the Gathering stores and those with a larger community will get more Places if they meet the hardware requirements. The selection of cooperate store is subject to change each season. We will have a scoring system, and we will give more support to those who do well in the Events. We will terminate the cooperation and cancel the qualification of hosting the competition at any time for the stores that do not meet the requirements of hosting the competition, or even engage in illegal and cheating behaviors.

QHow many qualifiers are there per season?

A:Qualifiers include WPN store and Kadou host game, open tour and LCQ. Because there are too many city in China, each cooperate store may have limitation times to host game。The qualifiers will be nor more then 100 times and the 150 position for the Regional Championships competition.

Q: How many players are there in the Regional Championships each season? What are the eligibility requirements?

    A:The number of players in the Regional Championships is about 150 each season. The Regional Championships is an invitational tournament and is open to only the players who have qualified in the preliminaries.

QHow to play in qualifiers?

A:As long as you are over 18 years old and have an active Wizard mailbox. You can sign up for any qualifiers organized by Kadouevents and WPN stores.

QWill you get a Promo card for qualifying for the China Open?

A:Yes, every register player will get one for register and additional one for top 8 and one for winner.

QCan I still play in the qualifiers after I get a position for the Regional Championships?

A:You may continue play in the qualifiers. If you qualify for the Regional Championships again, your qualification will be extended in order of rank to the disqualified players in this tournament. All prizes except qualification are still yours. However, violations of competition rules and bribery are not allowed. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

QIs there any other way to qualify for the Regional Championships besides qualifiers?

A:Open qualifiers is the only offline way to qualify for the Regional Championships.

QIs there LCQ?

A:Yes, the specific form and number of qualifications will be announced later.

QIs it transferable after qualifying for the China Open?

A:No, it only works for yourself.

QWhat if you qualify for the Regional Championships and are unable to participate? Can it be postponed to next season?

    A:We will confirm with you before the Regional Championships begins, if you cannot attend before the final confirmation date. Your eligibility will be automatically nullified and re-assigned, and your eligibility will not be extended to the next season.

QWhat kind of tournament is world competition?

A:World competition will be a small, lucrative tournament that represents magic's highest level of competition.

QWhere will the Regional Championships be held?

A:The Regional Championships will be held in a selected city (such as Beijing or Shanghai) and we will announce the city at least three months in advance. However, because of the COVID-19, city and dates may be changed, but players will be informed in advance.

QHow many finals are held per season?

A:Each season will be only one final at the end of the qualifying season. There will be three seasons in a year.

QDo you have foil cards for the Regional Championships?

A:Yes, every register player will get one for register and additional one for top 8.

Q I have some other questions about MTG China Open. How can I contact the organizers?

    A: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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